5 Things They Should Have Told You About Uni. Before You Joined

5 Things They Should Have Told You About Uni. Before You Joined

Freshers, how are you holding up?  Oh, you’re probably down with Freshers’ flu. Hang in there, this is only the beginning of an exciting phase of your life. You’re about to make some of the most significant memories, some good, others not so good.

You have probably  been bombarded with loads of information and tips on how best to survive university and you must be feeling like you were born ready for this. Well, we can only hope that they told you the entire truth.

We delve into the nitty gritties, the tiny details that make all the difference, the truths that they probably didn’t want to tell you lest they scare you away. Some people would rather you have a sit down with experience  so you can learn the best way.  Seeing as we like to call it as it is, we’ll put it all out because we wouldn’t want you to wish someone had told you. Here we go.

You will never sleep again.

Forget about having decent sleep mate, your new responsibilities won’t let you. You’ll start looking forward to the weekends and holidays, just to get a shut eye. Don’t be scared though, sometimes you may decide that 9.am lectures weren’t meant for you after all.

You’ll be broke 90% of the time.

It sounds crazy right now because you just left home and you have more money than you can spend. How much have you spent on freshers’ already? An insanely huge amount of course. Soon, you’ll have no idea where all that money disappeared to. Just a few drinks  for a few weekends and you’re surviving on ramen and having cold leftover pizza for breakfast.

Forget good food.

You’ll miss your mum’s cooking all the time. As mentioned earlier ramen is your best bet now. Oh, and cold left over pizza slices for breakfast and other things you wouldn’t have touched with a long pole in your previous ‘life.’

You may want to murder your flatmates in their sleep, a few times.

That’s not a good thing to do. You wouldn’t last long in jail. Haha.. Well, shared housing will teach you how to not kill someone even when there are more than enough reasons to. Someone will eat your food, all the time. Another will litter the house like a 5-year old. Oh, and the other will play guitar in the middle of the night, every day. Brace yourself, unless you’re the sociopath everyone will be complaining about.

At the university,all we do is..

You’ll have 6 essays, 2 tests, 3 presentations, a dissertation and laundry to do in 4 days and that’s just a tip of the ice berg. Your deadlines will clash most of the time and the profs. won’t give a hoot about it. You will want to scream or maybe cry about it but in the end,you’ll have no option but to work work work work work work. But you were born ready, right?

Sometimes, you’ll need  a little help and geniuswriter.com will be on hand to help you navigate student life.

May the force be with you, mate.

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