6 Things to Do When Student Life Has Taken a Toll on You

6 Things to Do When Student Life Has Taken a Toll on You

Have you ever been on the verge of a meltdown due to student life stress? If yes, know this one thing;you are not alone. Late last year, the Chair of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group revealed that the demand for counselling services had seen  an annual rise of 10% among university students.It was estimated that about 115,000  students suffering from emotional and health problems are seeking help. 

If you’re part of the statistic, we hope that you have found all the support you could need.

Its only normal that you often feel overwhelmed when you have multiple assignment deadlines to meet, lectures to attend and challenging exams to take. There are however a few things you can do on your own to ease student life stress. Sometimes you only require a little effort and self will to get through the obstacles you encounter in life.

Assess Your Progress and Evaluate Your Goals

You have definitely made a few steps in the right direction since the year or semester began. Begin to appreciate the ‘small wins’ and the little battles you have won along the way. You need all the optimism you can gather at this point to prove to yourself that you’re not too badly off. Look into your new year resolutions and goals. See what’s working and make changes where necessary. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Identify Your Problem Areas

Take note of all the strategies which are not working so far. For example, if you’ve been having problems studying in the late nights, maybe you need to try early mornings. Appreciate your uniqueness and choose what favors you most.

Capitalise on Your Strengths

Find out what you’re good at and excel in it. If your strength lies in essay writing, use every essay as an opportunity to shine and boost your grades. Don’t limit yourself to academic  capabilities. If your great at an extra-curricular activity,  seek fulfillment in it and the good vibes will trickle down to your academics.

Work Your Way around Your Weaknesses

When you’re really determined to succeed, nothing can stand in your way. You can easily turn all your weaknesses into areas of strength . Build interest gradually and work on your perception  and things will eventually fall into place. If you’re not good with numbers, bring in some fun into your maths problems and watch the difficulty melt away. Are your writing skills wanting? Read widely and practise to harness your skills. Let no excuse stop you from achieving your academic goals.

When you hit a snag, ask for help.

Everybody needs a helping hand at a certain point in their lives. Yours just happens to be now. Seek the help of a tutor or fellow student(s). It’s also advisable that you join a study group. You will discover that there’s more strength in numbers and you’ll find the  motivation to jump the daily hurdles that student life presents so often.

Take a Break

You don’t have to take a break from student life entirely, just the hectic part of it. Take some time off to be a normal person; Netflix and Chill, go to a festival, take a road trip with your mates or simply catch some decent sleep. Realise that worrying will not help. Rejuvenate and bounce back with so much zest that your grades will soar.

If your grades are nothing to write home about, you can turn that around by resolving to make a positive change. Assess your progress, identify the problems and handle them like the genius you are.

When you feel the pressure is getting too much to handle on your own, seek help from a counsellor.Your mental well-being as a student should never be taken lightly.

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