Dissertation Writing: 7 Things your supervisor hasn’t told you

Dissertation Writing: 7 Things Your Supervisor Hasn’t Told You


Are you writing your dissertation? If the answer is yes you most likely think that your supervisor has told you everything that there is to dissertation writing. I was once in the same shoes as you are, a long time ago ;), and here are 7 things that you need to know:

1. Any topic is good. There isn’t a perfect dissertation topic
Yes I said that! Have you been wondering if the topic you’ve selected is good enough? The fact is that any topic can get you a first class dissertation as long as you are able to argue your points and address your request question. If you’ve heard the Eliza Cummings story you’ll know that there is no substitute to a well-executed dissertation and even a Kardashians topic would be good enough.

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2. Find your comfort zone
We all have comfort zones, certain areas where we thrive with the least amount of effort. What is yours? This could be the basis of your dissertation. Find your passion, find your desire and turn this in to a dissertation. You will be amazed by how easy dissertation writing can become. Ever heard of the student who wrote a 2.1 dissertation in one day?

3. Learn the rules.
Dissertation writing is easy, once you understand the rules. All dissertations follow the same rules that hardly change. Before you get down to writing your dissertation, take time to understand what each chapter and section entails and what should fall under each. Most students fail because they didn’t understand the ‘rules of engagement’ For example what is the Literature Review Chapter and why is it written? What about the Introduction Chapter? And the Discussion Chapter?

4. Every supervisor has a secret bias
If you had forgotten, your professors and project supervisors are human. Despite their tough composed, know it all appearance they secretly fancy and dislike certain topics. Everyone has topics and ideas that interest them and its best to take an approach that your supervisor wants. This way you have higher chances of getting good grades. They won’t tell you what they don’t like and it’s up to you to pick these up based on your interaction.

5. Be honest with your results
When it comes to dissertations, it is best to be honest and accept the results that you get. Don’t be afraid of controversial findings and don’t try to manipulate your dissertation to conform to the standard way of thinking. Your dissertation can be radical, rebellious and disruptive. This is the very essence of dissertation writing, to force and push us to a new level of thinking.

6. You don’t have to do fieldwork
There are many ways of writing a dissertation and fieldwork is just one of them. Do you hate questionnaires and carrying out interviews? The good news is that you can sit down in your library and churn out an equally good dissertation. Switch to a library based dissertation if it feels easier for you.

7. Get help if you need it
If you are stuck and struggling you can do with some help. Ask a friend to read your dissertation and share some ideas. Better still, get a professional to look at your document and offer you some advice. Remember it is the little things that count and this could mean the difference between passing and failing.

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