EU Referendum: Does the Student Vote Count? Is it Just a Waste of Time?

EU Referendum: Does the Student Vote Count?

Debate about whether to remain or leave the EU has been intense and we get to make the final decision on 23rd June. That’s only a few weeks away you know. There should be no doubt by now that the outcome of the EU referendum will greatly affect your life as a student. This is therefore an important process for each one of us.

Did you register to vote in the referendum? If you’re eligible to vote, then you have no excuse for missing out on this. It’s undeniable that we had more than enough time to register and some of us took it for granted.

Fortunately, the deadline was pushed by two days seeing as the government website for voter registration failed before the Tuesday deadline. Did you know that more than 430,000 people applied to register during the extended deadline period?  Can’t help but notice the similarity with student life where we wait till the night before deadlines to write assignments.

Let’s go back to the EU referendum matter. To some students, participating in this process does not seem as important as it really is. Wake Up and Vote and Bite the Ballot  have gone all out to ensure we are sufficiently informed about the importance of voting  and they did convince most young people who were not so enthusiastic about it to register.

The EU Referendum is about You

Voter turnout will affect the result by far. As former ambassador Sir Stephen Wall puts it, “Low turnout will mean, broadly speaking, that the skeptical elderly have voted and the enthusiastic young have not.”  So, yes your vote counts.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a process whose outcome will immensely affect your life as a student and even after university. The Deputy President of the National Union of Students calls it a “once-in-a-generation vote” and it really is.

“The decision made will impact young people and students the most as they are the ones that will live with the consequences the longest,” he adds.

Congratulations to you who refused to let other people solely determine your future. Participating in the EU referendum is your opportunity to exercise your freedom and responsibility as an adult living or studying in the UK.

With only a few weeks to the D-day, we can only wait and see if we Leave or Remain. Come 23rd; let your voice be heard student!

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