Exam Room Weirdos You'll Meet During Exam Season

Exam Room Weirdos You’ll Meet During Exam Season

Exams Exams Exams Why do bad things happen to good people? Bad things such as exams,assignments, Monday morning lectures etc. Lest it look like am taunting you, let’s discuss something more interesting. The types of students you find in an exam room.

Exam season is rarely one of the most enjoyable moments as a university student. However, seeing how different students handle the pressure is quite amusing. Take for example the nervous wreck who is always so scared of the exams that you start to pity him, forgetting that you’re up for the same challenge. He/she is often fidgeting, sweaty palms and all trying their best  to stay calm  down but nothing seems to work. There’s nothing abnormal about these guys, they’re just never sufficiently prepared.

I was born ready for the exam room

Speaking of preparation, there’s this other type that was born ready. These guys are always so calm and collected that you even wonder what their problem is.(How ironic.) They’ll show up at the exam room on time and won’t even bother to do some last minute scheming. No need since they spent their revision time wisely and almost never missed a lecture. Everybody secretly wants to be  like these geniuses. They’re always set to face the exam. They were born ready!

You have probably seen this type in every exam room you step into. He/she (mostly she) always has one hand raised, asking for something. A dictionary, a calculator, an extra piece of paper, yada yada yada. Then she’ll signal the invigilator once in a while to point out a typo on the exam question paper, even when nobody else seems to notice. I hope you’re not this ‘needy’ type. It’s not funny.

I couldn’t possibly forget the student who’s always staring at everybody in the exam room. He/she will look down on the paper for one minute then at the next student for two. It’s creepy. Very creepy. Fine we get it. Maybe staring at people helps you recall the answers  but please, choose the invigilator. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that creepy stare. Really creepy. Creepy.

Then there’s you. You’ve revised for the exams and are feeling confident. You find amusement in taking the first five minutes of the exam to analyse the other students so you can laugh about it later. Gotcha!

The exam room is a pressure room and you must ensure to enter prepared. When you’re not ready, you’re not confident and that means you have sweaty palms which can’t hold a pen steadily; a recipe for disaster. Adequate preparation is the ultimate solution to exam phobia. Ask the A-students and they’ll confirm that as true.

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