What to Do When You're Having a Bad day in Uni.

What to Do When You’re Having a Bad day in Uni.

Let’s say that some days, you wake up on the wrong side of life and everything gets messed up. It often starts with getting up late and then everything else spirals. Having a bad day in Uni. today? Here’s how to deal with it and get on with life as if nothing ever happened.

Your best friend for when you’re having a not-so-good day is the internet. You will always find something that will put you in a better mood. Simply type ‘having a bad day’ on your browser and brace yourself for laughter because I promise you, you’re about to have a good laugh. You’ll most certainly find memes , GIFs or video clips that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. In a few seconds you’ll be wondering why you ever got in a foul mood with the internet so close-by.

Sometimes people close to you put you in a horrible mood and you feel like you could easily kill somebody! You better put such thoughts at bay honey, murder will land you into more trouble. The best thing to do when such people ruin your day is to take some time-off and cool down. Take a walk around campus and think about anything else except why you’re having a bad day. Put your energy into something else and prevent yourself from doing something you’ll regret later.

Is it the professor that suddenly ruined your day? Maybe he ambushed you with a  random assessment test, better known as RAT  or gave an insanely complicated assignment  which you doubt you can pull off. You’re probably tempted to shout an F-word at the old guy but stop. It won’t help. Take a deep breathe and walk out of the lecture theatre if you have to.

There are friends who come in handy when you’re having a bad day. You know, that crazy colleague who finds some humor in every situation. Keep such friends close-by if you want to keep stress at bay.

If you’re having a bad day on campus, you have no option but to stop it from getting worse. Take a lone walk or talk to someone who can calm you down or simply ask the internet how to deal with it. The internet is one fairy who never disappoints throughout student life.

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