Organise Your PC: Creating Order on Your Computer


Declutter Your PC and Enjoy Maximum Efficiency

What does your computer look like right now? Lots of clatter, unnecessary downloads, duplicated files and a stuffed desktop? Well, for most students, having an orderly computer is not a necessity, as long as the PC can play your  favorite song or movie and store one more file. It’s time to organise your PC!

A disorderly PC only makes your life difficult. It becomes quite cumbersome to find a document, which can be quite irritating when you’re in a hurry. Have you ever tried to trace an assignment on your computer and felt like a stranger in your own ‘house?’ If yes, then you know that it’s one of the worst experiences and a major reason why you should organise your PC. If not for anything, to save you from missing an assignment deadline and  your grades making  a free-fall.

Categorise your files so that only related stuff is found in one place. Keep your coursework separate from other files so it gets easy to retrieve them when you need them. This will save you a lot of valuable time, allowing you to take care of all important matters. Once you organise your PC, you’ll realise that you’ve been losing out on time and energy.

Organise files into folders. This might sound like common knowledge but looking at your computer right now, files are strewn all over , which is quite untidy and difficult to work with. Separate your music, photos, coursework into distinct folders. You can also create mini-folders withing the main folders to make access to files easier. Folders are actually the easiest tool to organise your PC. Anybody can do it!

Clear your desktop of unnecessary folders and only keep the ones you need to access regularly. You definitely know your desktop looks much better without so much clatter. It also has some ‘effect’ on your mood and productivity while working with your computer.

Keep sensitive files safely stashed away from prying eyes. You don’t want to risk the wrong eye balls landing on your private documents. This also applies for assignments, especially the major ones like dissertations, term papers and thesis.  There are many heartless people and your hardw0rk could easily go to waste in the blink of an eye. See what you prevent when you simply organise your PC?  There’s  a trick only smart people can pull off to prevent nosy people from accessing your private files. Simply name the particular folder using a contrasting and uninteresting title, like ‘Installed Programs’ or ‘Shortcuts’. Get the clue? If no, then you can’t pull it off.

Get a third party app to help weed out duplicate content. Sometimes you end up creating duplicate files instead of shortcuts and they eat up too much space on your computer. Find a legitimate software to scan your computer and identify such files so you can delete the unnecessary. There are already various such apps which can help you organise your PC.

Delete or archive unnecessary files. There’s a certain category of files we all keep  but don’t really need at the moment, yet they might come in handy in the future. These, you archive instead of deleting. Get rid of the rest that don’t matter, especially some  downloads.

Backup Crucial files. You never know when your computer is going to crash and you end up losing important data. Find a means to backup crucial files using tools such as Google Drive. The safety of your files largely depends on how you organise your PC.

Uninstall redundant programmes and features to free hard disc space. This especially improves  efficiency since such programmes slow your PC’s speed.



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