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Qualities of an Effective Study Group

Is a study group overrated? It depends on how well you can do on your own, academically. If you’re really determined to study but you just can’t stay focused for more than five minutes, you should consider joining one.Studying and handling assignments with a few more students may be the best option for you.

There are many advantages of being in a study group as opposed to studying alone. You’ll definitely like the warmth of company. Having someone else walk this journey with you is good for the mind. It’s some sort of motivation knowing that someone understands how you feel and appreciates your struggle.

With a study group you’re also likely to find assistance from fellow students and also presents you the opportunity to help others too. BeingĀ  helped and helping is good for your academic and social life.

The checklist for an effective study group…

All these benefits and more can only be reaped when you are in an ideal study group. It’s not enough to sit with a couple of friends and discuss a few nothings. An effective study group should bear fruits in form of academic performance and personal development.

Find students with whom you share interests.This will ensure everybody feels at homeĀ  in the study group. For instance you don’t want an awkward situation where you and your ex or any other person you don’t like have to come into contact while trying to study.

Ensure that the group members complement each other. It will work in your favor when some of you need assistance. One may be good with maths while another is great in essay writing etc and this way you can help each other when the need arises.

Stick to workable numbers. You don’t need ten’s of group members. Come on guys, its just a group, not a society. Two to five or six members are just enough. A smaller number is easier to manage because then everybody easily gets heard.

If you’re considering joining a study group, ensure to take into account the mentioned qualities. You don’t want to wind up with wasted time and dwindling academic performance. No, that’s not good for you.

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