Random Facts You Need to Know About University Life

Random Facts You Need to Know About University Life

Getting into university is great, not just for the academic part but also the social bit. Many young people yearn for the freedom that comes with university life, not to mention the possibilities of making some of the best memories in life. However, once you got into university, you might have noticed that everything is not as it appears from outside.

Reality gradually unfolds and you realise that there’s much more to university life than studying, making friends and doing crazy things. Here are more such  facts:

  1. The academic bit of university life is pretty serious

    . Yes. Why do normal human beings expect to work less harder in university than they did in high school? Come on, you didn’t imagine that the academic workload  shrinks as you climb the ladder.The fact is:there’s much more at stake here.

  2. Not everybody likes you and they don’t have to.

    We get into university with this notion that we are one big happy family that has to put up with each other. No. University students are drawn from diverse cultures and different family backgrounds and you will be lucky if you can get along with a handful. Some people will hate you for no reason at all.Like because your country colonised theirs and they think you should pay for it. LOL Just kidding. Anyway, that’s just a bit of the sh$t you often have to put up with.

  3. Students get really broke sometimes

    and you must find a way to survive university life. You might have been fooled by the flashy lifestyles your friends display on social media and so you thought that all they do is clubbing from Monday to Monday. Well, a handful of students can easily afford that lifestyle but don’t be fooled. Everybody has their means. Some of them have to work double shifts to put up a show.

  4. You will have to repay your student loans at some point.

    Few students like to be reminded of this fact. Well, it’s good to keep it real so you don’t go through university life thinking it’s a free ride. Finish studying and pay back all that money.

  5. It’s not a smooth ride for international students.

    These guys have left their homes and crossed oceans in pursuit of quality education. They are confronted with a new environment and people that they have no idea how to deal with. Culture shock is inevitable. Life is much harder for them if hard for you. They often miss home. They miss their culture and their people. Be nice to them. That’s the least you can do.

  6. You are expected to get much more than an academic qualification.

    Yes, people won’t tell you but it’s not only about the degree. There’s much more for you to gain from university life. Society expects you to grow, to evolve and become a better person. People want you to be different, to think differently, to provide solutions, to be a god. Good luck figuring out the ‘god’ part 😛 😛

  7. Your coursework is your personal responsibility.

    Attend lectures, write assignments, study for exams and sit for them. Nobody really cares, except maybe your family. Everybody else is minding their own business and maybe you should do the same. Nil chills!

  8. University life will be what you make of it.

    Make it what you want it to be to you. Make  a lot of great memories mate.

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