Research Proposal: Importance of Literature Review

Research Proposal: Importance of Literature Review

Coursework writing provides you the opportunity to boost your grades. You should always take advantage of such instances to mint as many points as possible. Writing a research proposal is a perfect example of such academic opportunities. You can easily make an A+ by writing a great document.

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There are various sections of the research proposal but let’s discuss the literature review. This is one of the most challenging parts, which often scares off many students. This is a very important part of your research paper and when not done right can jeopardise the entire paper. Here are the many reasons you ought to take literature review more seriously than you do:

  1. Literature review enables you to demonstrate your  ability to critically evaluate relevant  information related to your research subject. This is the perfect moment to prove that you are not on a wild goose chase.
  2. Recognises major researchers who have conducted studies on the same subject.
  3. A literature review ensures you avoid repeating former research work done by other scholars. This ensures that your research  proposal is unique and covers a never before explored subject.
  4. Because a literature review acknowledges gaps and need for research, it gives you justification to embark on the study. It proves that there’s need for what you’re about to do.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding of issues related to your research question.

These are only a few of the many reasons you should be careful how you handle the literature review in your research proposal. It is usually a make or break section of the entire document and if you miss a step at this stage, whoever is looking at your work will be very skeptical about the rest of the document.

To come up with a great literature review, you need to be patient while searching for information. This is so to ensure all your sources are authoritative and academically acceptable. There’s plenty of scholarly content on the internet as well in print books.

Be ready to go an extra mile for the success of your research proposal. Always remember that your literature review is the doorway to the entire document.

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