She Chose a Bizarre Dissertation Topic and Got a First!

Durham University Graduate’s Dissertation on the Kardashians Earns Her a First Class Degree.

The Durham University sociology graduate who wrote a dissertation on the Kardashians got a first! Eliza Cummings-Cove’s dissertation topic was taken as a joke by many and no-one expected her to do that well when the results came in.

She wrote the 10,000 words paper on the Kardashian family’s role as a “postfeminist fairy tale” and scored 76%.

She reportedly had to binge-watch over 80 hours of the American reality TV series, including an older series while staying abreast with Season 11 which was on then. A rare case of having watch TV for good grades I must say. Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, her friends and basically anyone who heard about her dissertation topic thought it was ‘completely ridiculous.’ Her choice of dissertation topic was especially widely criticised, especially on social media.

She told The Tab that one law finalist at the university actually told her “Every time I see your stupid title, it makes me sad.”

Determined to make it, the sociology graduate persevered and wrote the ‘ridiculous’ dissertation that has earned her a first class degree.

Speaking to the Mirror, the student said she was ‘very, very happy’ when a friend revealed her score. She got no answer when she asked if she got a 2:1 or 2:2 adding “She shook her head again, grinned, and then told me I got a first – I couldn’t believe it.”

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Eliza intends to release a book on post-feminism and women issues, based on her dissertation findings.

This is not the first time a student has picked an unusual topic for their dissertation. A King’s  College London student wrote one on ‘the possibility of unicorns’ and received a 2:1 while another at Westminster University scored a first with the topic, “A Critical Analysis of the Entrepreneurialism behind UK Acid House Rave Culture in 1989 and How the Music Changed British”

This goes to show that a dissertation topic does not have to be “normal” for it to earn you good grades. If you’re passionate about your subject, you can always hit a home run, even with a “completely ridiculous” topic.

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