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The term ‘client’ refers to the party that purchases services from the Company. The term ‘company’ refers to Drew and Gregories Ltd which is a corporate entity and any of its subsidiaries. The term ‘services’ will refer to the agreed services that will be specified in the order form.

Privacy and confidentiality

The company pledges to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the client and not to reveal confidential information to unauthorised third parties none other than its staff.


All copyrights belong to the client. The company cannot resell, publish or distribute the same without express permission from the client.

Originality and plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. The company shall provide services in consideration of the seriousness of the offense and its implications.


All model essays, assignments and dissertations provided are to be used for research purposes only and not be submitted on an as is basis. The company does not guarantee any grades or outcome, our service is provided on mutual agreement and on the understanding that the grading of academic papers depends on so many factors that would be hard to guarantee.


The company strives to provide services in a timely manner. However the company shall not be held responsible for lateness that arises due to acts of God, political instability, systems breakdown, acts of terror, natural disasters or any cause that would fall outside the company’s immediate control.


The company shall amend/revise the services provided for free if such a request is put forward within 14 days after the service has been provided and on condition that the request falls within the initial requirements. If the request is made after 14 days it is at the company’s discretion to accept the request and if it accepts charge an additional fee that is determined on a case to case basis. If the requirements are changed it is at the company’s discretion to accept or reject the request or charge an additional fee that is determined on a case to case basis.


The client is eligible for a refund if the company fails to provide the service. However in instances where the service has already provided, due to the irreversible nature of the services, the client cannot be awarded a refund. It is up to the client to assess the company’s ability to deliver and the skills of its consultants before committing to make payment.