University life: Avoid these types of students like a plague

Types of Students You Need to Avoid in Uni.

Being a student is one of the best moments in life. This is the time you’re all bubbly and ready to experiment on various things. Nothing should stand in the way of you discovering who you are and university life provides you with the best space to enjoy life. There are people you certainly could do without, most of whom constantly become an impediment to your success,be it academically or in general life. Get rid of ‘bad’ people!

The Naysayers. These are the people who think you will not succeed and have cultivated a habit of reminding you so every opportunity they find. They think you’ll not make a 1st, you can’t learn to code, you can’t win that public speaking competition yadda yadda yadda. Go on, start avoiding these people or else they’ll make your university life a living hell.

The Leach. The freeloader. This type of person will suck the energy out of you and you’ll end up hating university life. You often run out of tissue paper too soon. The same goes for your money. And your clothes. And shoes. And pens. And milk. Get them out of your life already!

The Backstabbers. These are people you need to avoid like plague. If you have seen him/her do it to someone else, you’ll be next. The best you can do is get away while you still can. This is the kind of friend who’ll share your inappropriate pictures and videos out of pure malice while you sit pretty and imagine that they’re your go-to person.

Students who can’t study to save their lives. University life is not all about fun and play. Your studies are your core purpose for being there and your grades will do the talking. Avoid people who can’t study and worse off, people who won’t let you study. Better believe it, their negative vibe will rub off on you and you’ll start to think and act like them. You’ve been warned.

Generally avoid people who deduct or don’t add value to your life. Trust me, you don’t need such individuals in your life. There’s so much to do with university life and you can’t let people stand in the way of your happiness. Go on and get rid of all the chaff in your life. You deserve better.

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